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Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend surrounded by the people they love.  As always, I am thankful for having such amazing friends and family in my life.  Upcoming on Monsieur Jamon is a post on unique Holiday shopping experiences in New York. Stay tuned, loves!

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Season of Giving- Feeding New York

If there’s one thing I love to do in life, it’s eating.  It’s such a basic/essential part of the human experience.  Everyone has to eat, but sadly not everyone always gets to.

My parents taught me and my sister to appreciate food at a very young age.  They made sure we understood that every grain of rice was precious; that we were lucky to have a full bowl to eat every night; and that being picky and wasteful was a luxury most of the world could not afford. Even in New York City, one of the richest cities in the world, food poverty is around every corner.

As the holidays approach, I like to find ways to help others in my community whether it’s donating money, clothes, or time.  This year, before Thanksgiving I will be working with Food Bank NYC which offers volunteer opportunities to help end hunger in New York.  You can join in working at a local soup kitchen, packing food to be delivered to homes in need, collecting and distributing canned goods at food pantries, or campaigning to help keep the program going. I usually like to work in the soup kitchens because, I’ll admit, I’m kind of a creeper and like to watch people eat and enjoy food, but this year I’ll be part of the packing crew at Pier60. I believe the volunteer registration is closed for Thanksgiving, but they will probably need more people for Christmas as well.  Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering and you can join my group for Christmas packing!

Who knows, maybe we’ll run into Kevin Bacon at this thing and ask him what he thinks of the new Footloose.

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Sleepless Hallow- 3 Nights of Halloween

Just like every kid, I have a lot of fond memories of Halloween growing up.  I remember making the perfect witch’s costume, trick-or-treating around the neighborhoods, and eating so much candy I can’t see straight– the standard Halloween fare. Then once I was a junior in high school, all my friends decided that maybe we were too old to trick-or-treat. That’s when I died inside. From then on, my Halloween’s were spent at home giving away candy to cute little kids dressed up like cowboys and princesses and volunteering at the local haunted houses.

Then I moved to New York and found out that adults have even more fun on Halloween.

Guess what Ricky and I went as this year?  Yep! Sesame Street’s beloved Bert and Ernie.  To be honest, the weather was really getting me down all day, a literal damper on my mood, and I almost considered flaking on my friend’s party. We eventually made it out to Brooklyn and boy was I glad we did. We boozed, danced, and made enough hilarious memories to last me a lifetime. These pictures from the Sinners Sanctum party are courtesy of my friend Helen.  Please forgive my lazy self.  I bought a camera and I still don’t use it.

On actual Halloween day,  I usually go see the Halloween parade in the West Village.  Every year, it sounds like a good idea and every year, I end up getting pissed at how crowded it is or how I can’t see anything because I am shorter than a piece of gum on the floor.  So, this time, my friend Ange and I went to a masquerade ball at The Capitale instead, where we drank and danced ourselves into a stupor… again.  The costumes were incredible! It made me mad that I abandoned my Ernie costume for some homemade superhero outfit.  My super power:  potent farts… they call me gas chamber. Just kidding, not really.  I was expecting a lot of sluts and hos, but there were a surprising number of people dressed as really, I dunno, awesome shit! Forgive the inarticulateness.

The one bad thing I will say about this party though, they really try to gouge every cent from you.  Cover price: $20. Coat check: $5 per item. Vodka red bull: $12. Group dancing to Thriller for the 3rd time in the past hour: priceless.   It was my first time attending one of these giant Halloween events in the city and I really would do it all over again.

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