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The Spot – A New Dessert Discovery

With slews of restaurants on every block and home to the most 3 star rated Michelin restaurants in the US, New York is without a doubt a major foodie city. Not to mention, we have something to satiate any craving at all hours.  How can you expect any less from a placed dubbed “the city that never sleeps”? Want amazing Belgian fries with 36 dipping sauces at 3am, try Pomme Frites. Craving a hot slice right out of the oven between bars hops, Artichoke Pizza’s your place. 5 for 1 dollar dumplings in Chinatown? Prosperity Dumplings has got you covered. And the list goes on! In my 6 years here, I have eaten a lot of good, amazing, and downright heavenly foods; and I am sure to eat more in the 6 years to come. In New York, there is always  something new and delicious just waiting to be discovered.

Yesterday, after Ricky and I finished our dinner, we came across a small underground dessert bar in St. Mark’s Place called The Spot, where exotic, all natural ingredients meet classic desserts.  Guru  Chef Ian Chalermkittichai (Thai pride!) takes up inspirations from his travels and offers up unique interpretations of desserts we already know and love. So now the part you’ve all been waiting for, the pictures! Again, apologies for the blurry, Blackberry phone photos.  I promise I will get a camera soon.

I’ve passed by this place a countless number of times, but never really thought much of it. How many more places like this remain undiscovered in New York? I wish I could fit this whole city in my mouth.

The decor of the place itself is really cute.  I am told it’s 80% recycled or re-purposed materials.  I am more interested in the food, but it does win them some brownie points with me.

At first glance, everything seems pretty standard.  Cupcakes, cookies, macaroons.

Then holy sh*t! You realize they are made with ingredients like yuzu lemon, green/thai/jasmine tea, chocolate ginger, and frikkin Vietnamese coffee. I am trying really hard to maintain my composure while I write about the desserts because I am going off the wall just thinking about “the precious” right now.  Forgive me for the next few pictures, I am a bad Asian and don’t normally take pictures of my food.  Usually, by the time I remember my camera, half of the plate is already demolished. Thank Ricky for restraining me and taking these quick shots.

This is the Thai tea Creme Brulee with a Jasmine tea wafer, and a shot of warm natural tea with extra sweetener and milk. The Thai tea creme was infused with the perfect amount of Thai tea.  The brulee was crisp, thin and cracked beautifully under the weight of my spoon.  Usually I prefer more brulee to creme, but it the Thai tea creme was so damn good that I didn’t even care. At first, I was like “what do I do with this wafer thing,” but then I dunked it in the hot tea and it sung. I don’t think I’ve ever had pure, unsweetened hot Thai tea before, but The Spot has made me a fan.

Ricky ordered a The Spot  tea concoction, the Thai tea float.  It’s Thai iced tea with homemade condensed milk ice cream and fresh whipped cream.  This shall be the only way I ever have this drink again.

This is the green tea infused flourless cake accompanied by homemade green tea ice cream.

If possible, this blew my mind even more than the Thai tea creme brulee. The green tea was the perfect ingredient to offset the usual sweetness of the flourless cake; and for a flourless cake, it was so light and clean! I could’ve eaten six more of these and not felt heavy.

If you are ever in town, I highly recommend this place.  It’s moderately priced and the staff are so friendly and helpful, and most everything on the menu looks and sounds delicious.  What I love most about the desserts at The Spot is that they are simple and unique, but not gimmicky. I find that rare and refreshing nowadays in this Food network era.

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