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A Hungry Bunch- The Kanhayuwas Visit

Warning: Picture heavy post

I tried to write about my family’s visit this past week, but all I can really recall is the food.  That’s because we didn’t do much other than eat. Yeah, it was warm and fuzzy and the Kanhayuwas are always a funny, joyous bunch, but above all they are just hungry. Six meals in one day. This is how my parents travel.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again, the best thing about having visitors is showing them how New York does food. These pictures are just from the first day and still some entrees and dishes are missing (aka have already been devoured).  After day one of taking blurry, half eaten shots of our food, we all just sort of went “screw the pictures” and ate the face off New York.  Now that I’ve briefed you, let’s just cut the crap and head straight for the good stuff, the pictures (in no particular order).
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